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Trite sales copy won't cut it with today's professional audience. You need to motivate your prospects to partner with you. And provide value to them along the way.

Having a compelling landing page goes beyond great graphics and design.  You need to give your customers real reasons why your firm or business can be a relevant piece of their business strategy.  Most B2B prospects expect to be educated about the problems you solve along with your solutions.  Therefore, prospects will turn to your company for help if you can show that you're well-versed .  Our writers will position your business as a valued resource and invaluable business partner for new customers.

We Provide Copywriting Services For


Companies, PR firms, and design agencies who service B2B clients in the legal, technology, FinTech, blockchain, and professional services sectors.

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Businesses and organizations that want their products and services to appeal to lawyers, professionals, clients in highly-regulated industries, and more.

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Lawyers, accountants, and doctors who want to attract new clients through engaging, high-converting content--including video scripts, sales funnel scripts, and more.

How We Approach Copywriting Projects

Complete Our Copywriting Questionnaire

All new clients must complete our copywriting questionnaire before we start work on landing pages and other copywriting projects.  Your answers will give us a better idea of your writing expectations, writing preferences, and business goals from the start--and help mitigate the likelihood of substantial edits.

Approve Landing Page and Copywriting Pitch Ideas

Once you complete our questionnaire, we will research trending topics and problems that your brand's products and services address. From there, we will pitch you landing page and funnel page topics that highlight out-of-the-box problems, issues, and use cases that your products and services address.

Publish and Promote Your Copywriting Content

After we're finished, you're ready to publish your landing pages or launch your sales funnels. All packages include one round of editing in case you need minor edits or other changes.

Why You Should Use Write For Law® For Your Copywriting Projects


Our team of lawyer-writers and credentialed writers know the daily struggles that lawyers, professionals and other B2B clients go through on a daily basis. This perspective will allow us to frame your products and services that resonate with their day-to-day work experience.  Our team has experience writing content that has been featured in CSO, The New York Law Journal, Above the Law, and Lexology.


Our team has extensive experience working for a wide array of clients, ranging from individuals and boutique law firms to large agencies and international companies. Our team of credentialed writers knows the daily issues lawyers, professionals, and businesses in highly-regulated industries face. This experience allows us to develop innovative ways to pitch your products and services and help you find new audiences to target your marketing efforts toward.

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We offer competitive, predictable pricing structures and content plan options for all of our clients. Our approach will make it easier for you to budget out sales funnel pages, landing pages, video scripts, and other copywriting assignments.

Let's Collaborate On Your Copywriting Projects

Our writing team will help bring out the best in your writing in a way that educates, excites, and motivates prospective clients. Contact us to receive a complimentary quote for your copywriting project