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Have a great book outline but no time to write? Need your draft touched up before publication? We can make your next great book idea a reality.

A new book can be a great cornerstone for your next marketing push. It can help enhance your professional authority and serve as a helpful, newsworthy talking point when approaching key journalists, podcasters, bloggers, and influencers. Still, you need to put in the time to plan out, outline, and write your book. Our writers can lend our writing, editing, and compliance experience to help as you dive deeper into the book writing process.

We Provide Book Writing & Editing Services For

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Companies, firms, agencies, and individuals who already have developed and well-researched non-fiction book ideas in place, but need help organizing and turning them into captivating reads.

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Companies, firms, agencies, and individuals who have already written non-fiction book manuscripts and other content, but need help editing and polishing them prior to publication.

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Business owners, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals who need someone to review their non-fiction books for potential compliance and claims issues.

How We Approach Book Writing & Editing Projects

Complete Our Book Writing Questionnaire

All new clients must complete our book writing questionnaire before we begin working. Our questionnaires are designed to help us better understand your writing and editing preferences from the outset so that we can mitigate the possibility of substantial edits upon completion.

Approve a Book Outline

We recommend that clients send us an outline of their book idea along with their questionnaire responses. Doing so will allow us to give you more constructive feedback regarding the direction of your book and the presentation of your chapters. For clients who have a well-researched idea in place but no finished manuscript, we will review your questionnaire responses and project-related notes to develop a proposed book outline that you can review and approve.

Approve a Sample Book Chapter

We will then work together on writing or polishing a single chapter after reviewing your questionnaire responses and project-related notes. We may also conduct a series of Q&A interviews with you, which will allow us to incorporate helpful anecdotes and professional insights into your manuscript.  

Approve Remaining Chapters

Once you have approved our first book chapter, we will complete all remaining chapters of your book according to the milestone-based deadlines we agree to.

Why You Should Use Write For Law® For Your Book Writing & Editing Projects

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Our lawyer-writers have experience communicating complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms. We can help you communicate your story and structure your book in an accessible, reader-friendly way.  We also know what it takes to write engaging content for high-traffic outlets such as CSO, The New York Law Journal, Above the Law, and Lexology

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Our team has extensive experience working with individuals, law firms, agencies, and international companies. Our unique perspective on content will allow us to help you emphasize key points that resonate with your target audience, and address compliance considerations applicable to the specific topics you're covering.

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Our flat-rate book writing, editing, and interview packages make it easier to budget out your next book project without worrying about unpredictable per-word or per-page rates. Our milestone-based approach to book writing deadlines will give you more opportunities to provide writing input throughout the process, and make it easier for you to implement edits without waiting to review an entire manuscript.

Let's Work Together

Our writing team will help bring out the best in your writing. And do so in a way that educates, excites, and motivates prospective clients. We would love to learn more about the content you're working on. Contact us to receive a free quote for your editing project.